The Blue Wolf Moon

   Going back to my childhood roots, "The Blue Wolf Moon" was born from my love of wolves since a young age.

   The vibrant color blue, not seen in mammalian coats, represents the dream-like quality of wild animals.

   They are fellow beings of Earth, but very few get to be hands on with such beautiful creatures. They are present, but just out of reach. Stunning wild animals that demand respect for their existence, just as much as love.

   When we gaze upon the bright full moon, do we not think of the Wolf? 😌

The Golden Tiger Sun

   "The Golden Tiger Sun" emerged from my love and fascination with tigers since I was a child.

   From the lovable bouncy Tigger to the charming and dangerous Shere Khan, I could never get enough of these bold and beautiful big cats! Lions and Tigers are neck and neck when it comes to a favorite, but those alluring stripes get me every time if I have to choose.

   Gold and purple are a favorite color combination of mine and I could not get the image of a golden tiger with radiant purple stripes out of my head! Since this was to be a companion piece to "The Blue Wolf Moon", and it just naturally seemed to make sense, the Tiger is the Sun to the Wolf's Moon.

My Work through the Ages

I have always been drawn to playing with mood and color.

Limited color palettes, bold lines, and expressive text help tell the story I wish to share!


   These full illustrations were created in 2022 thanks to my incredible Patrons on Patreon.

   Each image was featured in the 2022 Calendar that was fully funded through Kickstarter.

   Several of these designs are available as Limited Edition Holographic 8.5"x11" Prints!

TRANSFORMATION themed Commissions