☞ May be updated throughout the year so please check frequently!!!

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  LAST UPDATED: April 12, 2023

1. Payment Procedure - UPDATES IN BLUE

☞ Send an email to hornbuckleart [at] gmail.com with the appropriate Commission Form filled out

☞ SQUARE Invoice ONLY for US clients! (Canada, Australia, Japan, France, UK, Republic of Ireland use SQUARE, all other countries use Paypal)

☞ (Paypal accepted for international clients whose countries do not support SQUARE)

☞ I will send a SQUARE Invoice to the provided email

☞ Your commission will be added to the queue and started only after payment is received


2. General Rules:

You MUST be 18+ or older to commission a NSFW piece.

You MUST be 18+ or older to join my livestreams.

☞ I reserve the right to refuse any commission, edit or alteration.

☞ Clients have my permission to post their commission on any website for personal use, but must provide a link to my Furaffinity account or twitter and credit me for the artwork.

For all SFW work:

Furaffinity - -hornbuckle- 

Twitter - ArtByHornbuckle 

For all NSFW work:

Twitter - Papa Sugar (AfterDarkHB) 

☞ I can take private commissions but I must be given notice prior to payment that the work is not to be shared online. (The Rule above still applies to private work)

☞ You (the client) do not have permission to edit any art you have received from me, or have another artist alter any of my work unless you have received written permission from me. (See Copyright Policy) Only exception is cropping for avatar/icon. 

☞ Please ask if you would like to ink or color a commission! Credit must be given if you repost.

☞ Clients may use their own commissioned pieces for personal uses only; You cannot profit from this work in any way, including using commissioned artwork for advertising or any commercial use.

☞ Regarding YCH auctions and other online auctions: Withdrawing your bid will result in a ban from any future auctions.

Each piece of artwork, from Line Art to Full Color (this EXCLUDES SKETCHES), receive TWO (2) free minor edits. After those Two Edits, there will be an Edit Fee charged if the client wishes to follow through. This fee does not include if I forgot something that was clearly stated or shown. Pricing of the Edit Fee is on a case by case basis.

3. Copyright Policy:

All of my work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. 

I retain the right to use the work for any purpose, including but not limited to advertising, sales, promotional material, etc.

4. Refund Procedure:

In the (rare) case of a refund:

☞ Refunds can only be given in full if a work has not been started. 

☞ If a commission is partially worked on, I will keep payment equivalent to the amount of work done on the commission and refund the rest. This is judged based on hours spent working and on my set prices in my Commission Price Guide. 

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